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michael Greenberg

Hi Michael,
The Breath Freshening Research team from the Wrigley Company presented another paper on battling the bad breath molecules- this time from stale breath due to gram negative bacteria. The paper presented Monday, at the Functional Foods Symposium, by Michael Greenberg (co-author is Minmin Tian) presented results that a Traditional Chinese Medicine, Magnolia Bark Extract can inhibit bacteria responsible for producing hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan and even a gram positive bacteria, S-mutans responsible for dental cavities. Results showed inhibition of malodor bacteria starts within 2 minutes of consumption of mints containing mg quantities of MBE and based on in-vivo studies, can last for 60 minutes and is comparable to that of gargling with 20ml Listerine Mouthwash. Similarly, Chewing Gum produced reduced malodor bacteria for up to 40 minutes post consumption. These results indicated that great tasting mints or chewing gum products may be a portable mouth wash to freshen your breath right before meeting that significant other. Other results showed in-vitro inhibition of dental plaque formation as well as preliminary structure activity relationships concerning MBE and other phenolic compounds ability to inhibit S-Mutans. More studies are in progress.


Dr. Michael J. Greenberg

Director, Technical Benefits Center of Excellence
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Global Innovation Center
1132 W. Blackhawk St
Chicago, IL 60622

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